Our Volunteer Tutors

Our all-volunteer tutors include retired teachers, students at Arcadia University who are studying to become teachers, and motivated Cheltenham community members. During our first year, 2010-2011, our volunteers and program were honored by the school district, NAACP, and Montgomery County. The support of the school district, Arcadia University, the Cheltenham NAACP, and Congregation Adath Jeshurun made this free tutoring service available.

Join us in making a difference in our community.

Testimonials from Parents and Students

One parent of a 9th grader said that the student had been failing math in 8th grade, but in 9th grade, the student joined and continued with Cheltenham Academics tutoring program. Her grades rose to a B as a result of tutoring. When she received a grade of 78 on a test in the fall, the girl called her mother with excitement to report the grade. More recently, the student has received grades as high as 95 in math.

Students From Cedarbrook Middle School commented that they felt more comfortable with the material covered in class, and also saw many connections in class and on tests related to vocabulary, and from Study Island, that they reviewed with the tutors.

Cebarbrook Student: "My tutor helped me achieve my academic goals. I have brought my grades up a lot."

CHS student: "I like my tutors because they make me work hard and they don't give me the answers."

Testimonials from Tutors

"The tutoring gives the student an opportunity to accomplish assignments that they normally would not be able to do on their own."

"I feel like several students I worked with have improved their test taking strategies."

"My student's main goal was simply to be a great student. I think we've worked on some important skills that will help him achieve that — things such as time management and planning, reading carefully and proofreading."

"It was only a short time but they seem to learn what was assigned and to reason through their answers. I came away feeling very grateful that learning had taken place."

"During our sessions, my students usually finished their assignments. I was able to offer suggestions and help with editing and reading comprehension."

If you have questions about Cheltenham Academics, please contact us by email or call us at (267) 536-9793.

Volunteer Tutors

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Tutors and Students

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